You've just woken up with a hangover. You went out last night, drank cheap sherry in a bus shelter by the river(?) and in a bus shelter in a crappy little park(??) by the police station. You also drank lager and cider. And more sherry. Erghh...Sherry, cheap sherry, is quite foul. Before you went home, you had some 'chips' and 'soft' 'drinks', as the sign outside the unhygienic little grease factory proclaimed. You also looked into the window of a 'Gentlemens Hairdresser'. The shop was called 'Paul Michael Hairstyles'. It features some seventies photos of blokes with handlebar moustaches and really shit hairstyles. Why do all male hairstylists have two first names as their whole name instead of having a proper surname? Ah well. Anyway, you're awake now, and your adventure begins!

The first thing you notice is your raging thirst. what is a binary options broker


Drink out of the already opened can on the floor,

Go out in search of a drink,

Try and find refreshment behind your bedroom curtain?